Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Live Language Theatre at St. John´s School


Last Thursday 17th and 18th of August, students at St. John´s became actors and actresses as they were able to interact and perform with actors from the Live Language Theatre Company. Students from 6th to 1st senior watched and participated in the play Frankenstein based on the book written by the English writer Mary Shelly and students from 2nd to 4th senior saw the play Romeo and Juliet also based on the play written by William Shakespeare. Junior school students had fun with the play Ooga Booga based on characters from a prehistoric tribe.

It was wonderful to see how our students came out of their shells thanks to the guidance of the 2 on stage actors Michael Ayandokun and Francesca Van Yurick. The group also interacted with Junior students in their classrooms and had a marvelous time showing us their skills and humor as actors. We hope to have them back here soon.

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