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To Fail or not to Fail? That is the question

On the seventh of October, Paula Vejar, Mrs Sandra Acencio and I, Giorgio Galgano, went to the Southern Speaking competition hosted by Windsor School in Valdivia.
We arrived to Valdivia on Tuesday and spent the night with two very nice hosting families. The next day we went to Windsor School to attend the competition. Paula and I were on the first heat, she presented fourth and I was eighth. We both passed to the semi-finals in which we had 15 minutes to write a speech about a random theme. Paula’s theme was “is it fair to assassinate dictators” and I had to talk about whether scientific research with animals should be banned. Afterwards, I passed to the finals with two other students. We had to repeat our initial speech and in the end finished in third place.
I was very happy about this experience. In the recess we had a great time with the ushers who were students from the Windsor school. I invite all the students to participate next year, it is an unforgettable experience. I would like to thank the English department for this incredible chance, especially Mrs Sandra Acencio who accompanied us through all this experience, without her it would have been impossible to perform as well as Paula and I did. 

To Fail or not to Fail? That is the question – by Giogio Galgano
Dear partners, teachers and judges, today we are here to discuss a very important issue in our society, is failing good or bad?
Before discussing failure we must come to a full understanding of success, what is success? Success is a satisfactory outcome but I believe it is relative to every individual. For some of you, maybe success is to live in a big house with lots of money but for others success is to be happy. I am going to stick with the second case. What is happiness? Happiness is a moment in our lives, an instant, when all our problems and suffering disappear and we feel bursting with love and joy. This little moment of ecstasy, does it have more value after fighting for it or after winning it easily? I believe that this brief moment has more value after losing every last drop of blood in order to achieve it, even though probably you will never achieve happiness in your life without failing and hard work. As an example when Chile won the South American Soccer cup, we all felt proud and happy about our country and soccer players and this year when Chile won their second South American Soccer cup we were happy but not as much as last year. I personally don’t believe in failure, I believe in learning. We can't be experts at something the first time we do it or can we? As an example, who plays rugby in here? Do you remember how horrible it was the first pass you gave? But now after executing a hundred or a thousand passes, they are much better, aren't they?
I participate in a lot of tournaments or competitions, as another example I participate in the robotics club of my school and last year we made to the national finals and we lost. We were all devastated and one by one we started crying, because all the hard work invested in getting prepared for the tournament was a lot. I am talking about being at school until 11 pm five out of seven days of the week, practicing hours and hours to launch a robot. But we learned something from that year. Our hard work wasn´t enough, so this year we are working a lot more to win and get happiness. So did we lose or did we win? I believe we won, because this year we are going to know a lot more and we are more responsible and if we win, we are all going to be crying, but this time of happiness.
I am pretty sure all of you have watched the pursuit of happiness movie. It is a movie starred by Will Smith, it’s based on real life events, Chris Gardner an Afro-American that invested all his money on a portable bone density scanner but ends up bankrupt. In the movie Chris has to face divorce, bankruptcy being homeless, raising a child and passing an important test to enter an insurance company. In the end he became happy but he didn´t become happy because he became rich, because yes in the end of the movie he is rich but he is happy because after all the suffering and hard work he reached his goals.
Failure is not fatal because failure is learning and success is not the top because human nature is never happy with what we have and win.
Please, my friends always take chance because as long as you work hard you will achieve anything.
Have a great time failing because only after failing you can achieve true success, a success that comes with happiness and redemption. You are great, god bless you all.
Thank You.

"Success and failure: when do we understand them?" - by Paula Vejar
Have you ever thought about different conceptions we have about failure and success depending on the age we are? Winston Churchill said that “success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm” but, how can a teenager go from failure to failure and not wanting to quit what he is doing? How will an emotionally unstable teen be capable of understanding failures as an experience?
The meaning of success and failure during our youth goes upon the understanding of what we want in life when we are immature.
First of all, the interpretation of success and failure are determined by our goals. During our youth we understand success as something good. We set our own goals and we work hard for achieving them but, what happens when we fail? We get frustrated, insecure and crestfallen and it is here when the most of us don’t do what we should. Failure can be defined as something fatal because our failures are our worst nightmares and we are achieving them but… is it forever? No. failure is fatal but not irreversible. Failure will push us to greatness. On the other hand, the interpretation of success will be always determined by our goals and this is going to be a problem. Nowadays, the mediocre society that we live in is way too conformist and settles up with a little. For teens, success is becoming a boundary and we are understanding it as our final when it must be our beginning. When we want to achieve something and succeed in this, we think that we are done, that is time for establishing brand new goals or just feel okay with ourselves because we completed something we wanted or needed and this shouldn’t happen. Success must be what encourages us to move on and keep challenging ourselves. Sadly, during our youth, the interpretation of success and failure are determinate by our greed and the misunderstanding of them.
Secondly, success and failure have different times for understanding them. Success must be recognized years later, when we are capable of understanding what we really wanted in life, when we stop taking other people’s success as ours because we should take our goals and our own parameters for telling what success is for us; we all have different kinds of success. Imagine your parents are doctors and the only thing they want is that you also become an outstanding one. Your success will be determined by what your parents want and if you fail you are going to feel empty. You need to know that your success should be a journey and that when you realize what you really want in life, you will be capable of achieving it. Years later you should be standing and saying: “what I did in life was great and has value in my life, I’m proud of myself” but you shouldn’t forget that this is going to be when you stop being immature. Now, during your teenage years it’s current to say: “I’m going to establish some goals and smash them out” but you can’t do that. At your age you are still trying to find who you are, you are creating yourself and you can’t be a successful person if you don’t know who you are. What today I understand as failure, tomorrow will be my success. When my immaturity stops pushing me down, I will understand that every failure is an experience and that I should learn from it.
On the other hand, failure can be noticed right away. You will know that you did something wrong or that things didn’t turned out as you wanted but as Henry Ford said “failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently”. I think that failure doesn’t have to be the opposite of success, failure can be a complement of it. Failure will make you think that you are at the bottom of something and that there’s nothing else to do but, we have to change our thinking, we have to take advantage of these falls and try to achieve what we want, as long as our success is something achievable and not just dreams. Success and failure need their own times to be understood.
In conclusion, the meaning of success and failure during our youth goes upon the understanding of what we want in life when we are immature because our interpretations of success and failure are defined by our goals and success and failure have different times for understanding them. Our immaturity gives us different points of view in different themes and this isn’t wrong… it’s just a process that we all live. Just remember that our experiences make us who we are, that failing isn’t bad if you look at it with different eyes… you just need to understand that failing is a process that will push our best to the limits (only if we learn how to deal with it). Don’t let success become a barrier and always think big.
Thank you very much.

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