Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Student Gets 2nd Place in National ESU Writing Competition

National ESU Writing Competition

With great pleasure the teachers of the English Department would like to congratulate BORIS PRADEL from 4th medio C for obtaining second place in this year’s ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION (ESU) NATIONAL ENGLISH WRITING COMPETITION. Boris competed among a record number of entries of very high excellence and standards. This competition consisted in a 700-1000 word argumentative essay written based on five suggested themes. Boris wrote an outstanding essay based on the theme: The Media has the capacity to control minds. The title of our student´s essay was: “Mass Communication: How the Media Shapes our Minds.”

This is not the first time Boris has participated in one of our yearly writing competitions. Thank you Boris for your showing others and our community your highly developed critical thinking skills, your innate writing abilities and your willingness to share your inner voice.

This is an accomplishment we should all be proud of and we hope that in the future we continue to have more St. John´s students showing the world their writing skills in English.

Please read his excellent work.

Paola Sánchez
Head of English 

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