Tuesday, September 8, 2015



The English Department would like to congratulate our 3 finalists in the National English Writing Competition 2015 for the English Speaking Union (ESU). The students participated in two categories based on their age groups.

The 1st category for senior students consisted in writing a 700-1000 word essay based on one of the 5 themes presented. Boris Pradel from 4th senior is one of our three finalists and he wrote an essay based on the following theme: The Media has the Capacity to Control Minds. We congratulate him for his initiative and language skills. 

The 2nd category for students from 7th and 8th básico consisted in writing a 250-400 word email requesting an authority for a change. We had many students participating in this category from 8th básico and we appreciate the time, effort and excellent work. Thanks to Joaquín Cerda and María Jesús Arriagada for participating this year.

Our finalists in this category are: Monserrat Torres from 8th básico B and José Pablo San Martín from 8th básico A. Sadly, José Pablo will not attend the second stage of the competition because he is presently in the UK trip. However, Monserrat is surely representing St. John´s in the competition.

The Final stage of the competition consists in an individual creative writing session and will take place on September 24th from 9:00-1:00 pm. At Museo Recoleta Dominica in Santiago. The nature of the writing task will be announced at the start of the session.

Good Luck Boris and Monserrat!

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