Monday, August 24, 2015

Sports on the weekend

Sport On The Weekend

Football: For  the Adicpa Tournament on the weekend some football matches were played in our school. At 10.00 AM our M-12 team played against the Etchegoyen School and at 11.00 our school’s M-16 played against Colegio Concepción. In the Colegio Arturo Prat De Talcahuano the M-14 played against the hosting school at 11.00 AM. At the same time as all this, in our school the 3º and 4º basico teams played against the Colegio Francés.

Hockey: Training for 5º and 6º from 10.00 AM to 11.30 AM and for 7º and 8º from 11.30 AM to 13.00 PM that will take place in the school. For the Liga Bio Bio, from 13.30 PM our Senior and intermediate teams will play against the Deportivo Aleman club. The festival for the players from 2º to 4º has been suspended because of the climate.

Volleyball: In the SSCC school’s gymnasium, a new Adicpa tournament was  played between our school’s M-14 team and the selection team faced the Colegio San Ignacio team, with the event starting at 11.00 AM. This week the M-14 team will be playing the Nationals tournament in Arica.

Rugby: At 10.00 AM, our school’s senior team played their first match in the 10 a side tournament that is organized by The Wessex school. 9 teams of schools and clubs around this area will participate. Also at 10.00 AM in the Club Los Troncos, our school teams M-12 and M-14 participated in a Rugby Festival of which 5 teams of this zone will play eachother.

Basketball: For the start of a new Adicpa tournament at 9.00 AM, the school’s Mini Damas faced the Colegio Fraternidad. After this match, at 10.00 AM, the Mini Varones M-13 and M-15 played against the Colegio Francés.

Sailing: In the Laguna Grande there will be an activity for the Optimist Class which will take place between 12.00 AM and 16.30 PM.

Gymnastics: Next monday the 2º Basico girls will go to San Ignacio to participate in a Gala at 14.00 PM.

Written By:

Maria Jesus Valverde
Millie Coulson

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