Monday, August 17, 2015

Solidarity Campaign

Solidarity Campaign

The Social Work club have organized a campaign to help the Jardin Infantil Michaihue Alto de San Pedro de la Paz. The campaign will start on Monday 17th of August, the official day the congress announced, Solidarity day. The campaign ends next Tuesday 25th of August. On this occasion the Social Work club asks each level to bring the following:  

1 big box of cereal


First Grade: 1 kilo of rice

Second Grade: 1 litre of oil

Third Grade: 2 Packets of spaghetti

Fourth Grade: 1 box of Quaker Oats

Fifth Grade: 1 kilo of lentils


Sixth Grade: 2 cans of tuna

Seventh Grade: 1 can of conserved peaches

Eighth Grade: 2 packets of cookies


First to Fourth Medio girls: 1 Shampoo

First to Fourth Medio boys: 2 toothpaste

Thank you for your cooperation,

Written By:

Maria Jesus Valverde

Rocio Aguila

Millie Coulson

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