Tuesday, August 25, 2015

7º Basicos Assembly

7º Basicos Assembly

This Friday, 28th of August, the 7º Basico will show all the Middle and Senior students and teachers their assembly about The Children's Rights. The Children's Rights are rights that all children are entitled to and they help protect the children. 

Some of these are: Children must be protected from discrimination, the right to life, the child's right to birth registration, the child's right to a name, nationality and family relations and lots others. 

Not all the students of the 7º Basico will participate in this event, because of clashes with sport events.This assembly will also be a musical assembly, including songs, dances, videos and instrument playing. The ones from 7º C who are travelling are doing a video about the Children Rights, including some of the junior student's collaboration. This assembly is being made with help from the head teachers of each one of the 7º Basico classes: Erik Mendez, Valentina Henriquez and Daniela Vilugrón. A group of girls from 7º B will sing a song called 
"Together we can change the world" and some students from 7º C will act out 8 of the Children's Rights.

Written By:

Maria Jesus Valverde

Millie Coulson

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