Friday, June 26, 2015

Bullying Awareness Play

Bullying Awareness Play

      On Monday June 21st, the Seven Basico students witnessed a bullying awareness play. The play talked about a girl who was bullied throughout her school years and who ended up commiting suicide.

      The story was acted out and told from the father's point of view. The girl's voice was heard throughout the play, she told us how she felt and how she released her pain. But we could see the girl later on her life went to a beach and drown herself.

      At the end of the play, they put a video on, about bullying and how Chile was on the top 5 list for the countries that experience the most bullying.

      The actors later on told us a little bit about their life and how they have had been  bullied before. They told us to reflect on this and to really think about it. As it might actually affect some students in seventh basico psychologically and the bullies might not even notice.

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Rocio Aguila

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