Wednesday, December 17, 2014

8th Básico MYP Community & Service Activity

How can Team Sports Bridge Communities?

Some months ago, we started a very interesting activity that involved Physical Education and English. The objective of the activity was to build a community between our School, Saint Johns, and Liceo San Pedro. For the final activity, we did some practicing during classes. For example, we learnt the key concepts like: communication, respect, fair play, empathy, safety, among others. We also did some fabulous activities which involved our imagination and team work skills.
Some months later, the much awaited day had come. We all went to the fields in the morning to wait for our guests. When we arrived there, Liceo San Pedro was waiting for us. Around the fields there were many different sports, like hockey and football, and also many activities like a memorizing game, a fishing the terms, an acting out the words game, and many others. To finish the day we enjoyed a delicious snack with our new friends.
I think the activity was very productive, because we could build a community between our school and Liceo San Pedro. We shared stories and information about each of us during the games, we learned new things about team work and we had the chance to meet new people. I think the activity turned out really well. Even though communication wasn’t fluent between the two school at first. During the day, we got to share with them and talk while learning and having a great time.
By: Romina Serri 8th Básico


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