Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Venturing to Valdivia

ESU Southern Public Speaking Competition 2014
On Thursday 9th October, Consuelo Fierro and Martin Schneider travelled to the emerald city of Valdivia greeted by glorious sunshine our students went to stay with host families from Windsor School for the night to rest and prepare for the competition the following day.

On Friday the competition began with an onslaught of choral songs by Amy Winehouse and Alicia Keys and words from all those involved at Windsor School and the ESU in a celebration of 55 years for Windsor School. There was furthermore an appreciation of the ever increasing school presence in the ESU Public Speaking Competition with schools from Concepcion to Puerto Mont including public, semi public and private institutions represented in the competition.

The competition was the creation of a speech around the topic “Actions Speak Louder” which could go essentially anywhere the student wanted within five minutes. The speeches were interesting and varied from education to volunteer work and many other topics which were linked to the statement.

Our students performed well in the opening round showing a global and personal comprehension of the topic, unfortunately the judges did not place us in the top three and we did not progress to the semi- final.

We were able to watch the rest of the competition and the nerve-racking impromptu speech round from our seats and we were able to see the winner take the cup back to Colegio Germania from Puerto Varas.

It was a wonderful day, full of sharing, learning opportunities and fun, Well Done to our students who were exemplary throughout and gave passionate and informed speeches. Looking forward to next year
Michael Gibney


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