Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I Want to Be... by Joaquín González R. 7th C


My Reflections:

In English we had to do a project about what we wanted to be. We had to act out a skit in which the characters were a kid with an unusual career expectation and his mother/father who is very close minded and doesn't want his kid to be something "not normal". The kid needs to convince his mom/dad to let him be what he wants to be (fashion designer, football player, flight attendant, etc.) but the parent needs to give his reason to why he doesn't want his kid to become what he wants.

The one I liked the most was Ignacio and Diego's because it was very funny but I didn't like the end because the son didn't get to be what he wanted. I think we could improve learning our lines and moving more while we are acting because some groups forgot their lines.

Joaquín González R

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