Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I want to be...

                                    “I Want to Be...”

Our parents always have ideas about what is good for our future. They want us to choose successful careers and do everything a “normal” man or woman is supposed to do. 

Billy Elliot decided he wanted something different for himself: he wanted to be a ballet dancer. He struggled to convince his family to help him reach his dreams and make it come true.

7th básico students are working on a role-play in which they have to convince their parents about an unusual profession/activity they want to pursue in the future. 

After writing a 4 minute script developing a family conversation about what they want for the future, they have began presenting their work to the class. Students had to choose between becoming: a nursery teacher, flight attendant, fashion designer, hairdresser, rock star, football player, carpenter, and mechanic.

After concluding this work, students will be able to answer the following MYP unit question:

How do I see myself in twenty years’ time from now, considering MY present expectations and dreams?

Here is some footage and some pictures of what students have presented.

Well done!

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