Friday, August 15, 2014

Year 8 - Does disability mean inability?

 Does Disability Mean Inability?

With Evelyn Klock

On Thursday 7th August 2014, Year 8 were very fortunate to have a guest speaker to help them conclude their unit on our perception of disability in the world today.
We welcomed Frau Evelyn Klock, a teacher from Infant at the German School, she gave an inspirational and emotional talk on her experiences and fortune as a disabled woman, talking about the realities and obstacles that she has faced as a limb amputee in Chile.
We also watched and learnt about Fernando Demaria, a young man who had a severe motorcross accident and is now living with paralysis in four limbs:

Please watch:
Both people clearly showed Year 8 that many people living with disabilities display super human powers and effort everyday of their life. Helping us to remember that we live in an ever changing world and we need to be able to embrace change.
Thanks once again to Jorge Aguleira for helping to organise the talk and our guest speaker Evelyn Klock. 

Mr. Gibney

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